Adolescent Dating Abuse – After Leaving: An update on Maggie Lindemann and Carter Reynolds

Originally posted on TT's Book Stuff (etc.):
Months after the sexual abuse controversy involving  Maggie Lindemann and Carter Reynolds, alarming behavior has, predictably, continued.  Expanding upon my original blog post published by STM Learning, Inc., I would like to further enforce the necessity for teens to learn from these tragic public examples of domestic abuse.   As…

I Need to Talk About Batman Versus Superman

“Nonsensical,” “confusing,” “unclear,” the critics have made it perfectly obvious that they didn’t quite understand Batman V. Superman and that’s the part that confuses me.  Maybe they weren’t paying attention or maybe they were expecting a more Hollywoodized Marvel movie, but it wasn’t that complicated.  While it is true that BVS does not dumb itself […]